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Mix & match combination purée packs
(4 months+)

There are 4 combination purée packs – 3 vegetable options and 1 fruit option. The combination packs are made up of 20 frozen purée cubes (25g per cube) and each pack contains 2 flavours e.g. 10 parsnip purées and 10 butternut squash purées.

You can serve the purées individually or mix and match them with other complimentary flavours from the range.

The purées are also great for adding to toddler meals as ‘secret vegetables’

Easy Freezy™ mini-meals
(7 months+ and 12 months+)

Our Easy Freezy™ mini-meals give a healthy and balanced whole meal and come in tamperproof, freezer safe, microwaveable pots. The mini-meals can be cooked straight from frozen or can be defrosted and heated later, whichever suits you best.

7 months+ - these 160g mini-meals are lightly whizzed creating a perfect texture for your baby to be introduced to small lumps of food.

12 months+ - these 220g mini-meals have not been whizzed. The meals contain whole pieces of chicken, pasta etc. meaning your toddler can pick up the food as they start to learn to feed themselves. These meals are perfect for 12 months+ to any age.