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Mix & match combination purée packs
(4 months+)

Pack sizes: 10 x 25g frozen cubes of each flavour (total = 20 cubes / 500g per pack)

  • Parsnip purée & butternut squash purée
  • Sweet potato purée & courgette purée
  • Apple purée & pear purée
  • Broccoli purée & carrot purée

Easy Freezy™ mini-meals
(7 months+ and 12 months+)

Meal sizes:

  • 7 months+ = 160g per meal
  • 12 months+ = 220g per meal
The range of our Easy Freezy™ mini-meals are listed below, for details of the ingredients used in each meal, simply click on the title of the meal e.g. Cottage pie.

Cottage pie - a traditional yummy dish made from lean mince cooked with loads of vegetables making the whole meal naturally delicious and then topped with mashed potato.

Chicken & broccoli pasta bake - chicken breast fillets with the ‘superfood’ broccoli mixed with pasta twists and all wrapped in a delicious cheese sauce.

Lamb & apricot casserole - Welsh lamb baked with apricots and fresh vegetables and then mixed with brown rice to make a scrummy, wholesome, sweet casserole.

Salmon & spinach mash - poached salmon in a cheesy sauce with fresh wilted ’super’ spinach all topped with mashed potato.

Tomato & rosemary pasta – very simply, pasta twists with a tasty tomato sauce, vegetables and rosemary. A real hit!


If you have any questions, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss our products.